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I want a regex for mobile number validation. The regex pattern should be such that it must accept + only in begining and space(or -) should be allowed only after country code(only once).Only 10 digit number should be allowed after country code.Country code should be optional.If country code doesnt exist, it should accept only 10 digit number.Regex should prevent any invalid number like (eg:+91 0000000000 or 0000000000).

The regex should accept numbers like

+1 8087339090,

+91 8087339090, 

+912 8087339090,

8087339090 ,

08087339090 ,




+918087677876(Country code(2 digits) + 10 digits Mobile Number),

+9108087735454(Country code(3 digits) + 10 digits Mobile Number)

The regex should not accept numbers like

++51 874645(double successive +),

+71  84364356(double successive spaces),

+91 808 75 74 678(not more than one space),

+91 808-75-74-678(not more than one -),


80873(number less than 10 digit),

8087339090456(number greater than 10 digit),

0000000000(all zeros),

+91 0000000(all zeros with country code)
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What have you tried so far? –  Yaroslav Shabalin Mar 13 at 12:52
@Yaroslav Shabalin var mobile_regex = /^[+]?([0-9][\s-]?){10,13}$/; I was using this regex for mobile number validation. I want a regex which will not accept all zero,s(10 digit) –  Ashu6767 Mar 14 at 4:17
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Satisfies all your requirements if you use the trick told below

Regex: /^(\+\d{1,3}[- ]?)?\d{10}$/

  1. ^ start of line
  2. A + followed by \d+ followed by a or - which are optional.
  3. Whole point two is optional.
  4. Negative lookahead to make sure 0s do not follow.
  5. Match \d+ 10 times.
  6. Line end.

DEMO Added multiline flag in demo to check for all cases

P.S. You really need to specify which language you use so as to use an if condition something like below:

// true if above regex is satisfied and (&&) it does not (`!`) match `0`s `5` or more times

if(number.match(/^(\+\d{1,3}[- ]?)?\d{10}$/) && ! (number.match(/0{5,}/)) )
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The last ones also match: +91-846363 80873 8087339090456 0000000000 +91 0000000 –  woutervs Mar 13 at 12:43
@woutervs Oh! How I missed that I know not! Thanks for pointing out :) –  Gaurang Tandon Mar 13 at 12:46
^(?:\+\d+[- ])?\d{10}$ this one limits to only 10 digit numbers. Then there's only the last issue with the all zero's match. –  woutervs Mar 13 at 12:48
@woutervs That 0 bit is extremely difficult for me to implement, though I have given the OP an option, see answer edit. –  Gaurang Tandon Mar 13 at 13:02
The zero bit indeed is not something that should be done in Regex, I agree. –  woutervs Mar 13 at 13:03
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Try this regex:


You can get the explanation of the regex from here.

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