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I'm working with DAO recorsets, the basic idea is to populate one table with records many times as the given argument indicates (limit).

It appears to work, but suddenly when I want to use the form again, it throws 3022 error. When I see table values, none of them is duplicated. I delete all records from that table and refresh table and form. The table doesn't show any value until I refresh the form. The unique value that is shown is the last value i try to save in database.

Here is a little bit of code:

Private Sub add_element(loops_number As Double)
   i = 1
   While (i < CDbl(loops_number))
       i = i + 1
End Sub

That is working apparently fine.

Private Sub populate()
   Dim db As DAO.Database
   Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
   Dim last As DAO.Recordset
   Set db = CurrentDb()
   Set rst = db.OpenRecordset("Element", dbOpenTable)
   Set last = rst.Clone

   With rst
     If (last.RecordCount <= 0) Then
       'here I pass input form values to recordset fields ,because its the first row
       !Pk = Custom_pk 'Custom_pk is obtained with a function --- not relevant
       'here I pass remain values from last record to a new one --- because records has the same attributes
     End If
     Set rst = Nothing
     Set ultimo = Nothing
    End With

End Sub

It's like last record values stays "active" after function finish work. I don't get why this happens.

Element pk is alphanumeric e.g. : "A1", then I build a function that separates A from 1,add +1 to number and concatenate values again, so the result is "A2"

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I resolved it using an Autonumber field as primary key keeping the original pk (alphanumeric) as a common field then I could mantain my vba code exactly like I wanted it.

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