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as I'm new to coding in general I'm sure that my thinking is just heading in the wrong direction with this however.. I'm trying to get a sprite to chase the mouse on left click. I had tried to use else if statements but only the first 2 statements would run even on multiple clicks. I want to be able to say if mouseposition.x > playerposition.x then move playerimage right, and so one for the other directions. as I'm using sfml, I've used the below to get the positions of both.

sf::Vector2i mousePosition = sf::Mouse::getPosition(window);
sf::Vector2f playerPosition = playerImage.getPosition();

I was hoping to use the switch statement as below but I'm at a loss as to how to create the argument and compare the cases to that argument.

    case 1: 
            playerImage.move(0.02, 0);
    case 2:
            playerImage.move(-0.02, 0);
    case 3:
            playerImage.move(0, -0.02);
    case 4:
            playerImage.move(0, 0.02);
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I dont understand.. are you looking for a pathfinding ? –  Raakz Mar 13 at 13:41
this is before collision i just want the image to go to the mouse position when the leftbutton is clicked. there is only a window and a player icon drawn –  Michael Parnell Mar 13 at 13:46
Then I would go for a if (mousePosition.x < playerPosition.x) moveToLeft(); etc.. but if you keep it in a switch, there will be only 1 movement for each mouseclick –  Raakz Mar 13 at 13:50
got it thanx Raakz, I had made the mistake of using else statements before, instead I used a list of if statements now the icon chases the mouse whenever left click is down even when moving around. thanx for getting on the right thought path. I would paste the code but I'm not allowed to use answer button –  Michael Parnell Mar 13 at 14:07

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Maybe something like this?

if (sf::Mouse::isButtonPressed(sf::Mouse::Left)) {

  sf::Vector2f offset;

  if (mousePosition.x > playerPosition.x) {
    offset.x = 0.02f;
  } else if (mousePosition.x < playerPosition.x) {
    offset.x = -0.02f;

  if (mousePosition.y > playerPosition.y) {
    offset.y = 0.02f;
  } else if (mousePosition.y < playerPosition.y) {
    offset.y = -0.02f;


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