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I've a little problem with my rails app.

I have a cms with two image uploader: main_image and second_image.

When I show a news if second_image exists return second image else return main image.

I need the same behaviour for all the version of my image.

I try with

def main_image
 if second_image.file
   return second_image
   return main_image

but this create a recurrency. How can I fix this?


I forgot to add a problem.

My main_image has 4 version (full, square, block and thumb) My second_image has only 3 version (square, block and thumb)

Main Image version Full is always present.

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add more carrierwave details –  Phlip Mar 13 '14 at 14:39
The trivial solution is to provide an appropriately-named method, e.g., get_image, that does the actual work. This is also more communicative. –  Dave Newton Mar 13 '14 at 14:41

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Rename your method to something else than main_image:

def image
  second_image.file ? second_image : main_image
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