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I'm trying to construct a MongoDb query that will return a value from an array based upon a couple of criteria, one of which being a partial string match.

My (very simplified) Mongo data looks like....

    "deliveryId": "M011111",
    "movie": [
      {"uriId": "MVH10001234"},
      {"uriId": "MVH20004567"}
    "deliveryId": "M022222",
    "movie": [
      {"uriId": "MVH10009876"},
      {"uriId": "MVH20005432"}

I'm unsure whether I should be using an aggregate query here or not, but basically I would like to return the uriId that contains 'H1' for a specific deliveryId.

So an SQL equivilent would be..

SELECT uriId from table
WHERE deliveryId = 'M01111'
AND uriId like '%H1%'

Edit: I'm using Mango in Perl by the way to make the query. So far, I have only got

my $results = $mango->db($supplier)->collection('$collection')->aggregate(
    {'$match' => {'deliveryId' => 'M1063343'}},
    {'$project' => {'uriId' => '$Movie.uriId'}},
    {'$match' => {'$uriId' => {'$regex' => '/.*H1.*/'}}}    

But this doesn't work at all.

Any advice is very much appreciated.

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Why you are using aggregate ? you want to get only document urlId. @dandanknight –  Sumeet Mar 13 '14 at 16:47
I'm new to Mongo and am a little in the dark. I have successfully used aggregate in the past for other queries. –  dandanknight Mar 13 '14 at 16:56
My knowledge of perl is like 0 so I can't answer but I can at least give you a way of doing this in the console without aggregate: db.c.find({deliveryId: 'M1063343', 'movie.uriId': /.*H1.*/}, {_id:0, 'movie.$': 1}) it might help –  Sammaye Mar 13 '14 at 20:34

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