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I'd like to animate the vimeo video player off the screen when the video finishes playing.

Here's the HTML:

         %iframe{allowfullscreen: "", frameborder: "0", height: "225", mozallowfullscreen: "", src: "", webkitallowfullscreen: "", width: "400"}

I'm just not sure how to start. I've added the minified froogaloop2 code to my site, just trying to figure out how to grab the player and call the finish method.


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So first of all you'd need to get the video's iFrame with jQuery which would be

var videoEl = $('.flex-video.widescreen.vimeo').find('iframe')[0];

Then to add the finish event to the video using froogaloop, you'd use froogaloop's $f, while passing in the reference to the video that we just found.

$f(videoEl).addEvent('finish', function () {
    //code for animating goes here
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