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I have python script that sends commands to matlab script using subprocess.Popen. Matlab, in turn, sends back data to python, using stdout of the pipe. Communication between Python and Matlab should run infinitely, however, once retrieved information from Matlab, python should run its own functions. Problem is that python waits for information infinitely from Matlab. Code will make it clear:

class MatlabWrapper(object):
def __init__(self, barrier_fullname=DEFAULT_BARRIER_FULLNAME):
    self.barrier_fullname = barrier_fullname

def run(self):
    self.process = subprocess.Popen(
        'matlab -nodisplay -nosplash', shell=True, 
        stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=DEVNULL)

    #self.process.stdin.write('matlabpool 8;\n')

def execute(self, cmd):
    except OSError:

    self.process.stdin.write('; !touch %s\n' % self.barrier_fullname)

    while True:
            with open(self.barrier_fullname, 'rb') as _:
        except IOError:

while True:
    line = self.process.stdout.readline()
    if line:
        print '>>>' + line.rstrip()

After creating an instance of MatlabWrapper, I launch run function that initializes pipe. Then I send command to execute to Matlab, and wait when it outputs some information (using printf). After reading stdout line by line, it stops at line line = self.process.stdout.readline() and waits for more information from matlab.

What I want is that when there is no information in stdout python will finish execute function. How should I do this?

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Are you closing the pipe? You'll only get an EOF (which would make readline return an empty string) once the pipe is closed on the other end. –  tzaman Mar 13 at 16:24
Where I should close the pipe? –  Sergey Ivanov Mar 13 at 16:26
I mean how Matlab can close the pipe? Besides, as I described I need communication to run infinitely (the reason being it takes too much time to set up environment in matlab). So probably closing pipe is not a solution here. –  Sergey Ivanov Mar 13 at 16:40
The other thing to do then is to somehow have MATLAB output some custom "work's done" flag line, and check for that in python. –  tzaman Mar 13 at 17:04

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