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my website uses a password to progress.

however i would like the form to work when hitting the enter key

as it is much easier than moving the mouse

here is the current code for the form:

<form name="login" style="margin: 0px">
    <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="pass" size="17" onKeyDown="if(event.keyCode==13) event.keyCode=9;" style="width: 152px; margin: 5px;"><br >
    <input type="button" value="Enter" style="width : 150px; margin: 3px" onClick="TheLogin(this.form)" >

Thanks, Tom

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change input type="button" to "submit", focus it. Enter keypress will submit form. – skrbn Mar 13 '14 at 16:23
off the topic but. are you actually sending the password as $_GET param ?? – alex Mar 13 '14 at 16:28
The password is not very hidden, found in about 5 seconds... (Pointed out for security reasons) – Woolnut Mar 13 '14 at 16:30

Add input type="submit" instead of button. Later use onsubmit event to catch it.

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No javascript is required for that just set the submit button to type submit.

 <input type="submit" value="enter"/>
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The default action for enter pressed in a form is to invoke the first submit button, so you just need

<input type="submit" value="enter"/>

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You can either use an input type of "Submit" and that will capture that event. Or, you can do something like this:

$('body').keydown(function (event) {
    if (event.keyCode == 13) {
        alert('Enter key pressed');
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DONT use javascript as a medium to verify password and DONT DONT DONT include your password inside your html in a <script> tag!

Password verification should ONLY be done server-side!

  1. Use POST method in your form and not GET
  2. Inputs that are used for password should have type set to password and not text.
  3. Javascript is not needed for default form submit (works with enter).
  4. Change your html into this:
<form name="login" style="margin: 0px;" method="post">
    <input type="password" name="pass" size="17" style="width:152px;margin:5px;">
    <br >
    <input type="submit" value="Enter" style="width:150px;margin:3px;">
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