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I would like to use fprintf to print out two strings on the same line with spaces in between them. The line has to be a maximum of 80 characters so I want the number of spaces inbetween the two strings to be 80 minus the lengths of the two strings. This is what I have so far:

fprintf(pFile, "%s Statistics%80s\n", name.project, currentDateTime());

And I get this for my output:

AnotherProject Statistics                                                             2014-03-13.11:50:10

which is too long. currentDateTime()'s string length will always return 20. Is it possible to use fprintf for this scenario?

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You could generate the format string first with sprintf(), inserting a variable with depending on your actual data. –  πάντα ῥεῖ Mar 13 at 17:18

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Calculate the required field width and then use %*s:

const int fw = 80 - strlen(name.project) - strlen(" Statistics") - strlen(currentDateTime());
fprintf(pFile, "%s Statistics%*s\n", name.project, fw, currentDateTime());
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