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I want to add a couple of tags into the page in every page of a site with greaemonkey....

just before the </head> I want to add for example

<script src="//bllaaablaaa.js"></script>

and before the </body>

<script src="//bllaaablaaa2.js"></script>

Can anyone help with a userscript to do this? OR how I would do it in greaesmonkey????

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document.head.appendchild(your script tag ) ; –  vishal sharma Mar 13 at 17:43
so..... document.head.appendchild(<script src="//bllaaablaaa.js"></script>) document.body.appendchild(<script src="//bllaaablaaa2.js"></script>) –  Oliver Paton Mar 13 at 19:47
This doesnt work..... // ==/UserScript== document.head.appendchild("<script src="//assets.adobedtm.com/2016687db8840fa748bbdc966b49915a93243a15/satelliteLib‌​-9704459793322e5da14fdd9e45d2c4bcb3e9d341.js"></script>"); document.body.appendchild("<script type="text/javascript">_satellite.pageBottom();</script>") –  Oliver Paton Mar 13 at 20:19
var fileref = document.createElement('script') fileref.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript") fileref.setAttribute("src", filename) and then document.head.appendchild(fileref) ; –  vishal sharma Mar 14 at 5:30

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