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why on executing following script each printf (tried also with echo) is printed on the same line??

function read_dom () {
    local IFS=\>
    read -d \< ENTITY CONTENT

cat my_xml_file.xml | \
{   while read_dom; do
        printf "(entity:content %s:%s)" $ENTITY $CONTENT

Now, this produces a single line output:

(entity:content member:)(entity:content name:id)(entity:content /name:)

How do I change this to multiline, like:

(entity:content member:)
(entity:content name:id)
(entity:content /name:)
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printf isn't echo. You need \n. – devnull Mar 13 '14 at 17:23
printf "(entity:content %s:%s)\n" $ENTITY $CONTENT – devnull Mar 13 '14 at 17:23
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You'll just need to add the newline character, \n, to the printf statement:

printf "(entity:content %s:%s)\n" $ENTITY $CONTENT
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printf doesn't append a newline as standard behaviour, you need to add it to your print string:

printf "(entity:content %s:%s)\n" $ENTITY $CONTENT
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