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I have written a while loop. Each time at the entry it checks if the loop control variable is equal to 'y'. At the end of the loop,the user enters the choice for the loop to run further or not by entering a value to the character variable(If yes the user enters 'y' else 'n'). After one time,the loop doesn't execute further evenif the user had entered 'y'. But if I use an integer variable in the place of the character variable,the program works fine.Why?

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Post your code, or at least specify which language you are using. –  FiveNine Mar 13 at 17:30
C only. Stackoverflow doesn't accept my code. I have no idea of formatting the code while posting it. –  Sankar Mar 14 at 17:53
So you can't edit the question and paste your code there? –  FiveNine Mar 14 at 17:59

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