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I used to do puts 'text' in order to have a look at the flow of my code. I decided to, instead of doing that, use the logger.debug 'text'.

However, I don't see any text outputed in the terminal where I have run rails s. What am I missing here?

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You're definitely headed the right direction in using logger.debug instead of puts as puts is more for command line applications.

Rails.logger.debug, or in short logger.debug writes the parameter text to a log file. This log file is by default environment specific. If you are currently running rails in development environment then the log file in use is log/development.log.

If you open the file log/development.log, you will find the debug text text in there. To see the log output as they are written to the file, you can use the tail command (if you are in unix system) as follows in a new terminal with present working directory as your rails application root:

$ tail -f log/development.log 
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logger.debug 'text' would log the text in the environment logger file. If you are in development environment then you can see the logs in log/development.log.

To see the logs on console, For example: In development environment you can update the config/environments/development.rb file as below:

config.logger = Logger.new(STDOUT)
config.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG  ## set the appropriate log level like DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL


You can directly read from the environment log file like Vee suggested

 tail -f log/development.log 
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