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I work on my project Java that is Client FTP. I want to change the background on the window, I want to put an image. How can I do ? Thank you for your internetion

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Maybe this will answer your question? stackoverflow.com/questions/523767/… –  fredkid Mar 13 at 18:35
Present us with code and describe what is not working when you try to run your code. It's difficult for us to conjure up code for you from nothing. –  VonSchnauzer Mar 13 at 18:37
I don't have code for this part what i want is Code of changing background of window java –  Khalid Mar 13 at 18:59
I think you need to do more research - for example and example and example –  MadProgrammer Mar 13 at 22:36

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I would suggest using netbeans JFrame Form editor, it makes this a lot easier, then make a JPanel the same size as the window and change its color from their, then add a JLabel to the JPanel and use

GUI.JLable.setIcon("C:\\Users\\Desktop\\new folder\\Icon.png");

Hope this helps.

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First Thank You for the help, and I beg your pardon I don't know how to this istruction. If it is possible just to indicate to me just how to change the Color, Im beginner and i don't know how to program it. thank you –  Khalid Mar 13 at 19:07
I can only tell you through netbeans, im not the best gui coder, but in netbeans you will right click on the panel and go to properties and select background colour and it will give you colour options, you can also add swing items to the panel dont worry –  Ki11er_wolf Mar 13 at 19:16
Ok thank You for the help –  Khalid Mar 13 at 20:18
I would discourage the use of 1- Absolute references to resources, 2- static references to components and 3- Exposing instance fields as public, they are all bad design solutions –  MadProgrammer Mar 13 at 22:38
this one doesn't work –  Khalid Mar 13 at 23:46

There is two solutions, assuming that your are using Netbeans/Eclipse or any stuff that helps to Drag/Drop components...

1- You can Drag a JLabel on your Windows and, in your brand new JLabel properties, set the Icon property to your picture (it can be included to your project as below or stored on your disk). Make sure after all that the JLabel is the last Component of your Sequence, like this...

enter image description here

2-You can do it By code, you need, ImageIcon for that purpose. But first ao all, you need to be in the constructor of your first Form or JFrame.

     //After some initComponents(); stuff:
     JLayeredPane pane = new JLayeredPane();  // It will be our new layout

     //We will add the label which contains our picture 

     ImageIcon  icon=new ImageIcon(getClass().getResource("/testlabelstack/Pic1.jpg"));

     JLabel l = new JLabel();
     l.setSize(500, 500); // or the size of your windows/container

     //Add now the picture to the LAYOUT with some constraints, 
     //it will have to fit the background (notice the 0 parameter)
     pane.add(l, new Integer(0));  

     //Now you can add all other controls like JButton, JLabels etc...

     JButton but = new JButton (); 
     but.setBounds(200, 200, 90, 20);  //Here is a trick, in fact we are using an unmanaged layout, so you will have to organize controls by yourself.

     //Also add the brand new button to the Layout

     pane.Add(but, new Integer(1)); //everything you wants by never '0'

     //....Same for other controls ... don't forget to set the bounds or the size of you items and everything will be right.

In my code, the image is included to the project, so the path changes a little bit. Here is my project structure...

enter image description here

let me know if it works for you.

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Thank You for the help, I prefer the secod by coding but the problem the picture is done succefully in my window but the problem it hides the all component of my wondow (JButton, JTextfild ...) every then is hidden by the pic that I add how can i put it in background –  Khalid Mar 13 at 20:29
You should never use setSize on a component, it's the responsibility of the layout manager to make those determinations. –  MadProgrammer Mar 13 at 22:39
There is problem I delete setSize but always the pictures comes on foreground the components of my window are hidden What should I do ? –  Khalid Mar 13 at 23:39
Ok, i've edit my code. It force the picture at the background and allow you to add all other controls over. Notice that we are not using the default Layout anymore. So Controls are not sized automatically. You will have to set their positions and size, but anything complexe about it. If you want to add a new Control after , I means outside your Window's Constructor, make sure to define the JLayaredPane variable public. Hope it helps you. –  Lionnel Afangbedjee Mar 14 at 8:22

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