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I'm trying to determine if a interface is decorated with a specific attribute. For example, I have the following interface:

<MyCustomAttribute()> _
Public Interface IMyInterface
    Function Function1
    Sub DeleteWorkflowInstanceMap(ByVal instanceId As Guid)
    Sub InsertWorkflowInstanceMap(ByVal instanceId As Guid, ByVal aliasName As String)
End Interface

How do I determine if IMyInterface is decorated with the MyCustomAttribute attribute?

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Even better than GetCustomAttributes is the Shared method IsDefined:

Attribute.IsDefined(GetType(IMyInterface), GetType(MyCustomAttribute))
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GetType(IMyInterface).GetCustomAttributes(GetType(MyCustomAttribute), false).Length > 0

(I hope I have the VB syntax right.) Basically get a Type representing IMyInterface, then call GetCustomAttributes on it passing the type of attribute you're interested in. If that returns a non-empty array, the attribute is present.

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Perfect... Thank you! – Matt Ruwe Feb 10 '10 at 17:13

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