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NOTE: I am currently developing against Google Chrome 33.0

I have an upload form that looks like:

= s3_uploader_form callback_url: importer_create_path, class: "s3-uploader" do
  = hidden_field_tag "Content-Type", ""
  = file_field_tag :file, multiple: true
  = submit_tag "Upload File(s)", class: "btn btn-primary"

NOTE: The "hidden_field_tag" is not included in the doc, but S3 gives me an "Access Denied" saying that one of the bucket rules was violated if I do not include that line.

Once the form is submitted, the file uploads and, on completion, the browser is redirected to the XML document:


I do have//= require s3_direct_upload in my application.js, as well as *= require s3_direct_upload_progress_bars in my application.css.scss. Furthermore, I have the required:


in my file.

As far as I can tell, I have followed everything outlined in s3_direct_upload's README on Github. Why am I being redirected to an XML file?

It is probably additionally worth noting that when a file is selected from Chrome's filepicker, the file field text remains "No file chosen". When the form is submitted, the file is uploaded (usually) nonetheless.

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I'm having the same issue. Did you managed to fix it? –  Pablo Apr 13 '14 at 5:23

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It seems I was going about this the wrong way. The issue was that I forgot to include the proper Javascript files. For a better explanation, I recommend looking at the Github issue here.

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