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I've been given an open-ended project spec for a school project where I need to create both a socket library, and two unique threaded applications to test its use in C++.

Right now we're in the early stages of learning about sockets, so ideally I just want to generate some ideas for unique and moderately easy applications I could make to demonstrate a custom socket library in a Microsoft environment. I've already done quite a bit of back reading on sockets and networking theory.

The project specs are as follows:

Create a socket library for Win32/64. The library should implement the following features:

  • Hide and manage the socket handle
  • Fill in as many of function parameters as possible
  • Automatic cleanup
  • Automatic WSAStarup/Cleanup

Application Requirements:

  • Client
  • Server
  • Apps are threaded

At this stage I don't know what the library is going to look like or how it will interact with the apps.

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You can start from Windows Sockets 2 and Getting Started with Winsock. Also, take a look on tutorials like Winsock tutorial – Socket programming in C on windows.

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Not quite what I'm looking for. I've already read up on the basics of socket programming. I'm looking for app ideas to demonstrate that knowledge, which I can then look at. – Canadian Coder Mar 13 '14 at 20:13
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I ended up building a simple ftp server, and also considered a chat app. Those two applications would suffice for my purposes.

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