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I've been tasked with creating a small wrapper website for a series of pre-existing SSRS reports. These reports rely heavily on clickable pie-charts and bar-charts as the starting point for various drilldowns. The reports all work fine when running directly in the SSRS environment, but I'm finding that when I load the report in the viewer control, there's just empty white-space where the charts should be.

If I switch AsyncRendering to "false", the charts DO appear... but the Pie Charts seem to end up duplicated. Each "pie" shows up twice - one as a clickable drilldown as it's supposed to, and one as a static image.

I'm just utterly stymied on what else I can try on this. I'm seeing a few suggestions upon googling that changing some IIS settings may help, but at this point, I'm not deploying to an IIS box, just debugging locally. Help?

Pertinent details: SSRS 2008 R2, VS 2010, Report Viewer version 9.0

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