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I have a Octopress website, which has posts and pages. Now I want to add another category of pages which I want to call as writepus ( notes which I will keep updating like a wiki via git commits).

I want to keep these notes in a folder called _notes, just like we have _posts in source folder of Octopress.

I have a folder called _writeups/ with files such as:


I have a file called notes/list.html with following content.

layout: page
navbar: Notes
title: Notes
footer: false

<div id="blog-archives">
{% for post in site.writeups reverse %}
{% capture this_year %}{{ | date: "%Y" }}{% endcapture %}
{% unless year == this_year %}
  {% assign year = this_year %}
  <h2>{{ year }}</h2>
{% endunless %}
<article class="page-header">
  {% include archive_post.html %}
{% endfor %}

Basically I want to create a listing of these writeups so that I can keep updating them as and when I get time. Also I want to keep these separate from posts and pages.

How can I achieve this functionality using Octopress / Jekyll ?

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Jekyll version 2, which has only recently been released, has the ability to have extra collections and data. Collections is probably what you are looking for, so upgrade your version of Jekyll and visit to find out more about them.

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Thanks for the pointers. Let me setup newer version and try it out. – tuxdna Jun 10 '14 at 9:20

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