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I have this very simple program:

from win32com import client

This used to work (I think I broke something when I re-used 'makepy.py' to try and add in constants for IE).

It still works on another machine where I haven't been so slap-dash with 'makepy.py'.

Here's what I get in an interactive Python session on the non-working machine:

>>> ie
>>> <win32com.gen_py.Microsoft Internet Controls.IWebBrowser2 instance at 0x14701432
>>> ie.Visible=True
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "D:\Python26\lib\site-packages\win32com\client\__init__.py", line 471, in
    self._oleobj_.Invoke(*(args + (value,) + defArgs))
pywintypes.com_error: (-2147352573, 'Member not found.', None, None)

And the same on a working machine:

>>> from win32com import client
>>> ie=client.Dispatch("InternetExplorer.Application")
>>> ie
>>> <ComObject InternetExplorer.Application>
>>> ie.Visible=1 # This then brings up IE correctly.

How do I get this working again ? Or am I using the wrong way of launching IE ?

Thanks !

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Went into here:


Renamed the .py and .pyc file to .py_ and .pyc_ files :


Restarted Python: now get the Internet Explorer. phew...

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