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Is it possible to use Liquid tags in YAML Front Matter variables?

For example if test.html contains:

variable: "Date: {% date: '%D' %}"
{{ page.variable }}

then Jekyll will generate the following HTML:

Date: {% date: '%D' %}

instead of something like:

Date: 03/13/14

Basically I'd like the Liquid tags in the YAML Front Matter variables to be processed.

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have you been able to solve this? I am stuck here too. –  chrishough Mar 30 '14 at 21:48
No, I had to restructure my pages to avoid liquid tags in the Front Matter variables. It seems to me that this limitation can not be worked around. –  gvas Mar 31 '14 at 18:47
possible duplicate of Include jekyll / liquid template data in a YAML variable? –  Howli May 22 '14 at 11:46

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It sounds like you're trying to store a formatted date in a variable so you don't need to re-format the date each time you use it.

Rather than filtering the date in the front matter you could just add a Liquid capture statement just below the front matter. This will allow you assign your formatted date to a variable so you can use it in expressions.

title: Some sweet title
layout: default
date: 2014-9-17 # Could come from post's filename, but I put it here explicitly
{% capture formatted_date %}{{ page.date | date: "%-d %B %Y" }}{% endcapture %}

Once you have your new formatted date variable you can use it as an expression anywhere:

{{ formatted_date }} outputs: 17 September 2014

More on formatting the date itself.

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