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Is there a way of saving the output of the command


to a file?

In a related question, I have the following map in my vimrc file:

map <f1> :wa<cr>

when I load a latex file (I have the vim-latex plugin installed), the F1 key now invokes help. Is there a way of changing this without manually having to type the map again?


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q1. Redirecting

:redir >> ~/mymaps.txt
:redir END


As kemp says you can find it using verbose and modify the plugin file

or you can create a vim file in your plugins directory that runs last eg ~/.vim/plugin/zzzmyremaps.vim (check by running scriptnames)

Edit: rampion is correct in the comments, as this is a filtype issue this should be handled in the after directory ~/.vim/after/plugin/latex.vim as the offending latex.vim file is not being loaded on startup but on a buffer enter.

Note .vimrc gets sourced first so plugins have a habit of overwriting them :scriptnames will show the order.

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The standard way of ensuring that your that your settings are read last is to use your after directory: ~/.vim/after/plugin/latex.vim ~ that will be read after the standard vim-latex plugin, and you can fix anything that they do that you don't like. – rampion Feb 12 '10 at 0:36

If your problem is that <F1> gets remapped, you can use :verbose map <F1> to see where it is defined, and change it accordingly.

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Maybe you can resource the .vimrc file again. Something like:

map <f2> :source /path/to/.vimrc
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I don't know a way to save the individual :map, but :mksession filename will save a file with the current state of the editor in it, which will include all the map definitions.

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