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I looked at the unique values in a column of a dataframe - pandas that I have. And there are some names in one of the columns that I do not want to include, how do I remove those rows from the dataframe, without using index value notation, but by saying if row value = "this" then remove


new = df.copy

df['some column'].drop_values('this','that','other')
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idx = df['some column'].isin(['this', 'that', 'other'])
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Thanks @Behzad! does the [~idx] notation, mean show everything in the dataframe which are not in variable, idx? Is this also another way to do it? df[df.line_race != 0] stackoverflow.com/questions/18172851/… –  yoshiserry Mar 13 at 23:08
@yoshiserry see Boolean indexing –  behzad.nouri Mar 13 at 23:09
@yoshiserry also see indexing with isin –  behzad.nouri Mar 13 at 23:11

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