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It seems to be QMediaPlayer doesn't read tags of playlist files without of executing method play() of current track. Is there a way to force read tags from QMediaPlayer playlist without of playing it?

Sorry if this if a noob question, but I spent a lot of time for searches.


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Don't waste your time to use QMediaPlayer to read tags (this solution works good, but difficult for many files in list), simply use TagLib or another open-source library.

For example, 3 simple steps to use TagLib in Qt:

1.Compile taglib from source:

$ pwd
$ cmake .
$ make

It's enough to deploy working instance of tag library. Really :)

2.Include headers and library in your project, simply add this or your custom path to project file:

unix:!macx: LIBS += -L$$PWD/3rdparty/taglib-1.9.1/taglib/ -ltag
INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/3rdparty/taglib-1.9.1/taglib/Headers
DEPENDPATH += $$PWD/3rdparty/taglib-1.9.1/taglib/Headers

3.Use it, very simple function to get media tags from files, in this example artist and title of track:

    #include <fileref.h>
    #include <tag.h>
    QString gettags(QString mediafile){
        QString string;
        TagLib::FileRef file(mediafile.toUtf8());
        TagLib::String artist_string = file.tag()->artist();
        TagLib::String title_string = file.tag()->title();
        QString artist = QString::fromStdWString(artist_string.toWString());
        QString title = QString::fromStdWString(title_string.toWString());
        string = artist + " - " + title;
        return string;
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