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I have an Apache server on a virtual machine (VMWare for Mac OSX) with Windows 7. I have several virtual hosts enabled, and i was having the same problem described here:

Apache VirtualHost slow lookup

I got it to work under the local virtual machine, and now loading times are very fast, of course my hosts file looks something like localhost myvirtualhost1 myvirtualhost2 ...

But i want to develop in OSX, so i've been using my OSX hosts file and i have the following problem. Pages appear to load fast sometimes, but when i reload more than one tab at the same time or reload the same tab a few times, everything slows down a lot, and i mean a lot. I modified the hosts file in OSX so now it looks like localhost myvirtualhost1 myvirtualhost2 ...

And response times have improved a little when they're fast, but when things get slow i don't know how to handle it. Also when this happens, times get slower on the Windows machine also.

Thanks for your responses

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