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I was an Emacs user and I used to find and open files with shortcuts Ctrl + x + f

Now my Python IDE is Spyder so I'm wondering if there is an equivalent command?

I have tried Ctrl + N and Ctrl + O but both returns a window which I need to use the mouse to select by clicking on it.

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There is nothing as sophisticate as Ctrl+X+F in Spyder but you can use one of our IPython consoles along with our owm version of the %edit magic to navigate the file system like you'd do in a regular terminal and open files with it.

This is an example (in Linux)

In [1]: %edit /home/<Tab>

(where <Tab> means pressing the Tab key) will show you a widget with these completions (in my case)


Then you can end up with %edit /home/carlos/foo.py and after hitting Enter foo.py will be opened in the Editor (if it exists, of course).

Additional Notes:

  1. You can use the %cd magic to change your current working directory in an IPython console.

  2. After you open Spyder, the initial cwd is the one shown in our working directory toolbar (usually placed above our Object Inspector).

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Thanks for your information, Im working with windows 7.. TBH Im not getting your method, but let me try first. –  Twinkle Mar 17 '14 at 1:45
Mmhh Let me know how that goes because most probably this method won't work too well on Windows. –  Carlos Cordoba Mar 17 '14 at 3:30

I use the File Explorer window in Spyder, I find it really handy.

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