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The jist of the problem is this: I have two JFrames, lets say a big JFrame Foo and smaller JFrame Bar. I have both open at the same time, is there a way to make Bar never be hidden "behind" Foo? Right now when Bar is "in front" and I click on Foo it disappears behind Foo, which I don't want to happen.

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Don't use two JFrames. You are trying to make the "bar" window behave like a dialog, and thus it in fact should be a dialog, a JDialog to be exact, and it should be set up so that its parent window is your "foo" JFrame.

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Thanks, stuff like this is a little new to me :) –  Gregor Mar 14 at 1:37
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You could look at Java - control Z order of JPanels.

If using a JDialog is not an option (because you need a JFrame) then you could use this to manually define z-order rules.

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