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I'm trying to embed my site to my Facebook page but it automatically redirects to the host site when I click my Facebook application.

I'm using 000webhost.com as my host site. And my domain is "http://iconnectrto.net46.net/".

My Facebook app configuration is this:

Page Tab URL: https://iconnectrto.net46.net/
Secure Page Tab: https://iconnectrto.net46.net/
Page Tab Edit URL: https://iconnectrto.net46.net/
Site URL: https://iconnectrto.net46.net/
Canvas Page: https://apps.facebook.com/iconnect_rto
Canvas URL: https://iconnectrto.net46.net/
App Domain: https://iconnectrto.net46.net/

Is there something wrong with my configuration? What would I need to change? Thanks.

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I think you're missing something (add the app to a page) via a dialog check out my answer here stackoverflow.com/a/21051082/2151050 –  Adam Azad Mar 14 at 5:05

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