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Does anybody know of a bread-crumb style navigation for Winforms like the one from DotNetBar.


I really like that control. However I am using a other UI library already and just for this control I do not want a reference to another 4 MB lib. I just need this control. Does anybody if something like this is available as a standalone control?

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I have used the Bread Crumb control of Krypton Toolkit, but you mentioned, that you don´t want an other UI library.

But maybe this source can help you, to build your own Bread Crumb control Creating A Breadcrumb Control

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Try this one i haven't used it but (i use the one from Krypton) but i guess it will be good for you. The one Jehof gave you is way better.

However take a look at Krypton suite, i always use it with the DevExpress XtraEditors. together you can create some great looking apps. i know you said that you don't want a huge library, but it's worth it.

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