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I have tried out the NPRuntime sample provided with the Gecko SDK 1.9.1 with the help of this link.

It works perfectly fine with Firefox 3.6.

Following the above steps I created a new scripting plugin (npmyplugin.dll). I am currently placing npmyplugin.dll in a folder other than Firefox/plugins. I am registering the associated mime-type and plugin path in the registry. The plugin gets loaded properly. But now the browser is not calling NPP_GetValue.

I was suspecting that it must be because I am placing the plugin in a directory other than Firefox/plugins. Hence I did the same with npruntime.dll (the sample which comes with Gecko sdk). Suprisingly npruntime.dll scripting was working. Please guide me whether I missing anything important while creating the new plugin.

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Try mozilla.dev.tech.plugins <groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev.tech.plugins/…; if you don't get an answer here. –  Nickolay Feb 11 '10 at 7:28
Have you checked wether NP_Initialize() etc. are getting called? –  Georg Fritzsche Feb 14 '10 at 12:42
I am using firefox version 26.0 then this Gecko SDK will work? –  user1421044 Jan 2 at 11:39
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NPP_GetValue doesn't get called to get the NPObject until the first time you access it with javascript in many cases. When you do a getElementById, it will make the call.

Likely other calls to GetValue are being made, but you aren't seeing them because you aren't handling them. However, that's still not guaranteed.

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As I think on it, I think I have also seen this issue happen when using the <embed> tag on some browsers. Not sure why. Just be safe and use <object>; dunno why, but it consistently works better than <embed> –  taxilian Sep 13 '10 at 20:13
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Sorry for replying so late. I somehow solved the problem. I was embedding the plugin using tag

then i wrote a small javascript code

var MyWorkingPlugin = document.getElementById('MyPlugin');

It seems that after executing the above javascript NPP_GetValue was called. Currently I have no convincing reason why it happened but it worked and I am happy for the moment. If anyone can explain the above behaviour please let us know.

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