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I need to post the image using the image url in my facebook app is that possible? How to post image to Facebook on button click? I have stored imageUrl in variable image and the facebook URL in the variable shareUrl,

following is the complete facebook URL : 


var doShare = function(title, description)
    if(title && description)

        /* for readability i store the url like this, above this code u can find
          the complete facebook url. */

        shareUrl = "";
        shareUrl += "app_id=843228839026054&";
        shareUrl += "redirect_uri="+encodeURIComponent("");
        shareUrl += "&name=%title%&description=%desc%&picture=%image%";

        var url = shareUrl.replace(/%title%/g, encodeURIComponent(title));
        url = url.replace(/%desc%/g, encodeURIComponent(description));
        url = url.replace(/%image%/g, encodeURIComponent(image));
        var isOpen =;
          console.log('Please turn off "Block pop up" setting to proceed further.');

<div id='share'>
    <input type='button' onclick ='doShare("TITLE","DESCRIPTION")'>Share</input>
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                                method: 'feed',
                                name: "some name",
                                link: "",
                                picture: urltobeshared,
                                caption: 'some caption',
                                description: "some descrtiption",
                              function(response) {
                                if (response && response.post_id) {
                                  console.log('Thank you');

docs are here.Hope that helps

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