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In PHPfox, i want to call "Pages" name in drop-down in Signup form. Reason for calling "Pages", Actually i have created many pages for college name & that are saved in database. So if someone comes for signup, i want to show them college name in drop-down (which are basically "Pages").

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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You will need 2 plugins, one to show the HTML and one to process what to do with the user input: 1) Make a plugin that fetches the pages, maybe the hook user.component_controller_register_1 or another in that controller would do but otherwise you can always use a low level hook like run_start and check if its the section where you want it.

To show the HTML you have 2 options: include a JS file to populate the sign up form with anything that you want, or if you have a custom template you can just assign the array to the template variable and look through it in your template.

2) Once the html part is showing and working make a plugin for the sign up routine, I think the hook user.service_process_add_1 should be enough given its location.

Dont forget that the input name for the signup is an array, so your drop down needs to look somewhat like this:

<select name="val[my_dropdown]">
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Thank you. Can you explain me in details. Actually i am beginner in PHPFox. In which page/module i will have to do this things? –  Anoop Mar 14 '14 at 13:38
I wrote an article about this phpfox.com/kb/article/264/primer-on-hooks-plugins –  Purefan Mar 15 '14 at 12:28

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