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I am using office automation to edit and create new powerpoint presentation.

For text objects : only text is changed for shape using TextFrame.TextRange.Text

For Image Objects: Creating new shape and deleting existing one.

The problem is animation gets lost when i make changes in any of above(Both text and image object). For images i am using below function to retain animation property as i am creating new shape and deleting old shape.

 public void SetAnimation(PowerPoint.Shape shp1, PowerPoint.Shape shape)
          if (shape.AnimationSettings.EntryEffect != PowerPoint.PpEntryEffect.ppEffectNone)
                shp1.AnimationSettings.EntryEffect = shape.AnimationSettings.EntryEffect;
                shp1.AnimationSettings.AnimateBackground = shape.AnimationSettings.AnimateBackground;
                shp1.AnimationSettings.TextLevelEffect = PowerPoint.PpTextLevelEffect.ppAnimateByAllLevels;
                //shp1.AnimationSettings.AnimationOrder=shape.AnimationSettings.AnimationOrder;  //throws exception
            catch (Exception ex)
                MindMatrix.Libraries.Entities.ExceptionMessage.HandleException(ex, null);
                Loggers.HandleException2(ex); //exception is caught while setting some EntryEffect.do nothing when exception is caught.can even set PowerPoint.PpEntryEffect.ppEffectNone

What should be the problem??

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