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Hi i am having a problem with updating my data on parse..

I have this code below..

PFQuery *query = [PFQuery queryWithClassName:@"RemittanceTable"];
[query whereKey:@"beneCode" equalTo:@"66gtbT"];
[query findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock:^(NSArray *objects, NSError *error) {
    if (!error) {
        // The find succeeded.
        // NSLog(@"BENE DETAILS: %d", objects.count);
        // Do something with the found objects
        for (PFObject *object in objects) {
            NSLog(@"%@", object.objectId);

            object[@"payoutRefNo"] = refNo;
            [object saveInBackground];
        // Log details of the failure
        NSLog(@"Error: %@ %@", error, [error userInfo]);

And what i am trying to do is like this.. (in sql statement)

UPDATE RemittanceTable SET payoutRefNo = 'RM4323' WHERE objectId = '66gtbT'

i am receiving an error states that..

RIB[878:4d03] Error: object not found for update (Code: 101, Version: 1.2.18)

Please help me on this. if been looking over the internet and most of them tells that i should have acl on data browser table.. and i have a value of ACL field..


Using NSLOG.. here is the output..

RIB[954:60b] <RemittanceTable:Ncw9M79YbG:(null)> {
ACL = "<PFACL: 0x17df68a0>";
beneCode = 66gtbT;
beneMessage1 = "Allowance.";
beneMessage2 = "";
beneMobileNo = 09328694928;
beneName = "Lorraine Gomez";
payoutAccount = "";
payoutAddress = "";
payoutBank = "";
payoutMode = "";
payoutRefNo = "";
payoutZipCode = "";
remittanceAmount = "3000.00";
remitterAddress = "Camarin, Caloocan City";
remitterEmail = "";
remitterGender = Female;
remitterMobileNo = 09328694928;
remitterName = "Ida Mayer";
remitterRefNo = SMXGXc;
sourceAccount = "0009891123 - JOSE SANTOS";
status = 0;


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your table name is correct?and there is a row containing 66gtbT in beneCode column? – Lithu T.V Mar 14 '14 at 6:01
yes, i just copy pasted it from the database – lhencq Mar 14 '14 at 6:06
when i debugged it, it enters inside the for loop, which means there is a data like that... – lhencq Mar 14 '14 at 6:06
i have edited my question – lhencq Mar 14 '14 at 7:01
See if this makes any difference: Although this query should return only 1 object, try updating the object(s) in the for loop, and move the save statement to after the for loop. You can then call [PFObject saveAllInBackground:objects]; – Moonwalkr Mar 14 '14 at 7:52
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Remove ACL code to create ACL value on parse. This will restrict to edit Data from Android to iOs or vice versa..

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