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Recently, I have been use node-webkit to develop a client side project. And it have to command a special printer through the 'dll'.

So I need to add a C++ addon to load dll.(TSCLIB.dll is in the same dir with the C++ code) Compile with the nw-gyp. Here is the C++ addon code:

#include <node.h>
#include <v8.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h>
#include <exception>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string>

using namespace std;
using namespace v8;

Handle<Value> OpenPort(const Arguments& args) {
  HandleScope scope;
  hDLL = LoadLibrary("TSCLIB.dll");
    return scope.Close(String::New("hDLL is not null."));
    return scope.Close(String::New("hDll is null."));

void init(Handle<Object> exports) {
NODE_MODULE(tscPrinter, init);

When I use the javascript to reqeuire this module. And call the function openport("USB"); the result is "hDll is null".

Can somebody help me,please?? Thx a lot...

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