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I have a gridview on a webform. In that gridview using TemplateField i have created a link button. I have created a linkbutton_click event.But it does not get fired when i attach masterpage to this particular webform. If i remove masterpage and run the code then the linkbutton_click event get fired.

I want to get linkbutton_click event to be get fired when using masterpage. So please help me to get out of this problem. Thans in advance.

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show us some code, and are using item command for button click or some thing else?? –  Rex Mar 14 at 6:28
protected void lnkDeptName_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { LinkButton lbtn = new LinkButton(); lbtn = (LinkButton)sender; GridViewRow row = (GridViewRow)lbtn.NamingContainer; int Index = row.RowIndex; LinkButton lnkDeptName = (LinkButton)grdDepartment.Rows[Index].FindControl("lnkDeptName"); txtDeptName.Text = Convert.ToString(lnkDeptName.Text.Trim()); ViewState["DeptId"] = Convert.ToString(grdDepartment.DataKeys[Index]["Id"]); } –  Anand Dhamne Mar 14 at 6:34
I am using above code to create LinkButton in LinkButton_Click Event. –  Anand Dhamne Mar 14 at 6:35
edit the question instead this code is not telling any details –  Rex Mar 14 at 6:35
When i clicked on the linkbutton then on postback the gridview also vanishes from the page. –  Anand Dhamne Mar 14 at 6:40

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