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I have a simple query which does work in a plain environment, but doesn't work on PHPUnit.

Here's the code, but I don't think it will be of any use:

$a = mysql_query("SELECT id,img FROM images");
$b = mysql_fetch_array($a);

I'm connected to the database.

The error is:

mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given.

Error is pointing to the fetch command.

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check if you have a valid connection as far as I know for PHP UNIT we write code in a sub-folder and this will need a valid sql connection for doing sql operations for assert something. –  Abhik Chakraborty Mar 14 '14 at 7:15
You should also use Mocks for testing to not actually require the database and control returned data. Later, DBUnit may be added for testing the Database. –  Steven Scott Mar 14 '14 at 16:08

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The query failed. When queries fail the mysql_query() function returns false.

You should always check for errors. You should also read the documentation when your code does not work; it tells you what to look for.

$a = mysql_query("SELECT id,img FROM images");
if ($a === false) {
$b = mysql_fetch_array($a);
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You should also switch from mysql to mysqli functions, because the mysql functions are deprecated and are getting removed. –  Sven Mar 15 '14 at 1:44

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