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I had some free time tonight, and decided to try out a tool called wifijammer (https://github.com/DanMcInerney/wifijammer) that I read about on reddit a while back.

I cloned the project off gituhub, chmod'd the python file, and installed scapy using macports. However, when I run the wifijammer.py file, it gives me:

ImportError: No module named scapy

And references the line:

from scapy.all import *

I googled around and found that there is a difference between v1.x and v2.x which requires scapy or scapy.all — I tried both without success. I also check my version with,

sudo port installed | grep -i scapy

Which spits back:

scapy @2.2.0_1 (active)

I'm really not too sure where to go with this one. I can post any additional information that people may need. Help?

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Nevermind! Finally found the source of the problem. Y'all can read about it and its solution here: Error Importing scapy into Python interpreter on OSX [MacPorts install]

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