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Hi i have situation were multiple ng-repeat are nested as

 <form  ng-repeat="pt in prolist">
Frequency <input  type="checkbox" ng-model="pt.req"  />
 <div ng-repeat="disc in prolist">

What I am trying to do is something like this

  <div ng-repeat="disc in prolist" where =disc.Pt_id>

Please let me know how to write this line of code in angularjs Thanks

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You would basically turn that "where..." for into a filter pipe:

E.g., try:

ng-repeat="disc in prolist | filter:{Pt_id:}" ...
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You can filter repeaters in AngularJS. Try using filter, the following link displays how to use filters with ng-repeat.

ng-repeat with filter

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if your data set is huge then do the filtering in javascript and then push the objects to $scope.prolist to render that in view because filters affect the performance badly but for small data sets it is fine.

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