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I am trying to keep the IoC registration off to the side just like it is done in CodeCampServer via the DependencyResolution project, so that only one project in my solution holds a reference to StructureMap.

I have implementations of interfaces in my Client/UI project which I want registered, meaning that this DependencyResolution Project needs to have a reference to my Client/UI project.

But how do I go about Bootstrapping the setup of the dependencies from within my Client/UI project without taking a reference to the DependencyResolution project to initiate the registration of the dependencies?

I have used the HttpModule method before from within an MVC application (similar to how CodeCampServer does it) but I'm trying to figure out how to do it in a WinForms app.

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Cavet: I do not claim to have much experience with WinForms. I believe that the thrust of Jeremy's Build Your Own CAB series of blog posts discusses the challenge of composing testable desktop applications.

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