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I need to execute SVF function that is on the remote server and return it's output from my local SVF function. I am using following code:

`ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[Fn_EmployeeRole_IsForemanPTP] ( @param INT ) RETURNS BIT AS BEGIN

    DECLARE @return BIT;
    DECLARE @DB [nvarchar](100);
    DECLARE @Sql [nvarchar](500);
    SET @DB = '[Remote_DB]';

    SET @Sql = 'SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY([REMOTE_SERVER], ''SELECT ' + @DB + '.[dbo].[Fn_Remote_function](' + CAST(@param AS VARCHAR) + ')'')';
    EXEC (@Sql);

    RETURN @return;


But how can I return the output of this procedure? I tried to store it to the table but SVF have limitations with that.

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