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How can I have something like Emulator Swipe to unlock Gesture? What I want is Animation where user will drag a circle left or right and base action on Whether it was dragged left or right. How can this be achived? Something similar to Unlock shown in image below.

Thanks, Umesh

Emulator Swipe to Unlock gesture

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there is a open source solution for you- https://github.com/pellucide/Android-Switch-Demo-pre-4.0 , hope will help. Good luck.

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Or directly to SO: stackoverflow.com/questions/9752760/slide-toggle-for-android –  Qben Mar 14 at 10:20
This is a good example when we need toggle kind of solution. In this case I'm looking for Three modes. No Action at center and Left swipe and right swipe to do some action. More lick Simple Phone unlock gesture or Pick the Phone gesture etc. –  Umesh N Mar 15 at 10:07
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Have found one sample solution. Suggestion for similar good libraries is welcomed. https://github.com/nadavfima/GlowPadView

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