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I am writing an app for mentoring program using Django. In the Django admin change page for model Mentorship, I am facing issues trying to add a button or a link on clicking which, it should redirect to or pop up a change page of application form having the full name(first name, last name) via username selected in ModelChoiceField(showing full names instead of username). Here is my code:

models.py :

class Mentorship(models.Model):
`Mentorship` represents a Mentor-Mentee pair in the system. Each
pair is associated with a project and a curriculum.
project    = models.ForeignKey(Project, editable=True, blank=False)
curriculum = models.ForeignKey(Curriculum, editable=True)
mentor     = models.ForeignKey(User, editable=True, related_name="mentorship_mentor_set", limit_choices_to={'userprofile__role': 'mentor'})
mentee     = models.ForeignKey(User, editable=True, related_name="mentorship_mentee_set", limit_choices_to={'userprofile__role': 'mentee'})

def __str__(self):
    return ("mentor: %s <-> mentee: %s"
                % (self.mentor.get_full_name(),

admin.py :

class MentorField(ModelChoiceField):
  def label_from_instance(self, mentor):
    return mentor.get_full_name()
class MenteeField(ModelChoiceField):
  def label_from_instance(self, mentee):
    return mentee.get_full_name()
class MentorshipForm(forms.ModelForm):
  project = ModelChoiceField(queryset=Project.objects.all())
  curriculum = ModelChoiceField(queryset=Curriculum.objects.all())
  mentor = MentorField(queryset=User.objects.filter(userprofile__role="mentor"), empty_label="No mentor selected")
  mentee = MentorField(queryset=User.objects.filter(userprofile__role="mentee"), empty_label="No mentee selected")

class MentorshipAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
  list_filter = ['project', 'curriculum']
  list_display = ['id', 'project', 'curriculum', 'get_mentor', 'get_mentee']
  ordering = ['mentor', 'mentee']
  form = MentorshipForm

  def get_mentor(self, obj):
    return obj.mentor.get_full_name()

  def get_mentee(self, obj):
    return obj.mentee.get_full_name()

  get_mentor.short_description = u'Mentor Full Name'
  get_mentee.short_description = u'Mentee Full Name'
admin.site.register(Mentorship, MentorshipAdmin)

I have read this. Also tried this. But had no luck. All I want is in place of green add button(which is now gone because of ModelChoiceField), a customized button besides the mentor and mentee dropdowns so that it redirects to their respective form so that in case of applications having same first name and last name combinations, admins are assured that correct matches are made. Can someone please help me out?

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