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Let's say I have an Azure website with an Azure online account (user/pwd), and from the Azure panel, I've downloaded the Visual Studio Publish profile file (.PublishSettings). Then we import the file in the Visual Studio Publish screen and I can deploy to Azure fine and I check in my changes in TFS which includes the files .pubxml. All good.

However, a second developer get latest version, he has the publish profiles files, but when he tries to Publish to azure, doesn't work. The error says something like the user or password is not right, however is the same file that I used to publish and worked fine. Then what he does is to import again the same Azure profile file that I did, and VS creates a second "Web deploy 2.pubxml" file, then he tries to publish, and works. If I try to publish with the new WebDeploy 2 file, I cannot, so it seems that something is specific of the local machine that makes that I only can use the publish profile file that I imported, and my teammate, the one which He imported, even the Azure account is exactly same user-pwd and same Azure website URL.

Is there a way to avoid this? because in a large team, that means a lot of different Publish profile files when actually, the azure account is the same one.

Thanks a lot!

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Giving every member on a large team the ability to publish to the cloud using a shared login..... what could possibly go wrong? –  Christopher Painter Mar 14 at 19:32
really helpful... it's the same problem with 20 devs that with just 2, VS seems that need a specific file for each, even the Azure data is the same. Do you know how to fix it??? –  Luis Manez Mar 16 at 10:15
In a way you got my point. I don't use practices that don't scale to hundreds of developers. Look for a proper release management strategy. For Azure that might mean something like visualstudio.com/en-us/explore/release-management-vs.aspx –  Christopher Painter Mar 16 at 14:40
I'm totally curious, could you explain how you work with 100 devs? Do you have 100 azure accounts and 100 VS publishing profile files? Thanks for the link. –  Luis Manez Mar 17 at 16:08
You should look at using TFS builds to perform continuous deployment. Checkin to TFS can trigger a publish - that way you don't need to share any Azure logins. –  Brendan Green Mar 20 at 0:01

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Can you check the Connection tab after you open the Publish dialog? When you check-in to source control, the password is not saved in the .pubxml file. The second developer can get the password from the PublishSettings file and put that into Publish dialog, then it should work.

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I'll check it again, but when I saw this behaviour, that was one of the first things I tried, but I got an auth error, even all the data was right (url, user, pwd...). Thanks. –  Luis Manez Mar 21 at 7:19

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