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I have an array ,the contents of which is given below:

print Dumper(\@jsession);

$VAR1 = [
'<html><body><form name = \'form\' id=\'form\' method = \'POST\' action =        \'/mySite.jsp\'><input type = hidden name = \'phpSessionID\' value =   \'GZbtXhI9JiQ**\'><input type = hidden name = \'LoggedUserName\' value =  \'MyName\'><!--input type = submit name = \'button\' value ='\'goAhead\'--></form>    <script language = \'JavaScript\'> document.getElementById(\'form\').submit();</script>  </body></html>

My aim is to get the phpSessionID value in a variable say $session,i.e


I have to do this using Perl grep. I tried the following though its not much to go on,


Iam new to RegEx and am struggling to get it right.

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That Perl code doesn't compile so it can't be the output of Data::Dumper. The string has no closing quote at the end, and there is value ='\'goAhead\' in the middle which ends the string prematurely. –  Borodin Mar 14 at 11:46
that section is coomented out <!--input type = submit name = \'button\' value ='\'goAhead\'-->,i have not given the code that generates the @jsession array –  user3094070 Mar 14 at 11:51
HTML comments don't affect Perl - your code doesn't compile. –  Borodin Mar 14 at 11:52

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I assume you want the value attribute from the input element that has a name attribute of phpSessionID. This one.

<input type = hidden name = 'phpSessionID' value =   'GZbtXhI9JiQ**'>

You should parse your HTML using a module intended for the job, such as HTML::TreeBuilder. It cannot be done reliably using a regular expression because there is so much variation in the possible formats of the element.

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Borodin's advice to use HTML::TreeBuilder or some other parsing module is definitely the way to go.

Because I haven't used that module in a while, I decided to go ahead and implement what he suggested using the html that you provided. I've reformatted the html slightly just to make it easier to read, but that wouldn't effect the functioning of this code:

use HTML::TreeBuilder;

use strict;
use warnings;

my $root = HTML::TreeBuilder->new_from_content(<DATA>);

if (my $element = $root->look_down('_tag' => 'input', 'name' => 'phpSessionID')) {
    print "Value is " . $element->attr('value') . "\n";
} else {
    warn "phpSessionID not found";

<form name = 'form' id='form' method = 'POST' action =        '/mySite.jsp'>
<input type = hidden name = 'phpSessionID' value =   'GZbtXhI9JiQ**'>
<input type = hidden name = 'LoggedUserName' value =  'MyName'>
<!--input type = submit name = 'button' value =''goAhead'-->
<script language = 'JavaScript'>


Value is GZbtXhI9JiQ**
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