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I want to display a string in input value. That string contain double quotes. I want to display it as it is. Its developed with Python

<input  id="answer" name="answer" type="text"  value="<%= element.answer %>" />

My string content is Testing "quotes" test

When its displayed in input field, it shows only Testing because of double quotes issue.

I have tried escape(element.answer) to display it. But it shows this result


I want to display the exact content. Pllease help

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which templating language are you using? –  olly_uk Mar 14 at 11:57
possible duplicate of Escape html in python? –  bonsaiviking Mar 14 at 11:57
@olly_uk: Its Backbone.js –  Coder Mar 14 at 12:27

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Thanks. Got solution for this problem

Instead of this <%= element.answer %>

I have changed it to <%- element.answer %>

It works fine now

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