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i'm trying to implement a multi connexion on my ios app so i can add two oneDrive account on my app , so i need to save the LiveConnectSession and set it to the current LiveConnectClient but the session property of the LiveConnectClient is readonly , so is there any way to do this?

I was thinking to save the accessToken ,authenticationToken,refreshToken,scopes,expires of the LiveConnectSession and then do:

initWithAccessToken:(NSString *)accessToken
authenticationToken:(NSString *)authenticationToken
       refreshToken:(NSString *)refreshToken
             scopes:(NSArray *)scopes
            expires:(NSDate *)expires;


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it is possible, I have came across the app "AirFile", have a look. –  preetam Jan 14 at 5:18
please can you provide a link ? –  hatim haffane Jan 14 at 12:28
search app store with "AirFile" download free version, it will allowed you to add only 2 accounts add both "OneDrive" –  preetam Jan 14 at 12:53
i need the source code i don't need to see it please if you can help me to do this i will be thankful –  hatim haffane Jan 14 at 14:57
I am also looking for the same thing..convey me if you have..I will also –  preetam Jan 15 at 4:46

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No, there is no supported way to accomplish this.

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Could you explain the technical limitations that make this impossible? –  Alexander O'Mara Jul 21 '14 at 23:47

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