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I have this snippet of jQuery used to get an ID number from an input field

$('table th input').change(function() {
    var id = $(this).attr('id');
    id = parseInt(id);
    id = isNaN(id) ? 0 : id;

the ID's of the fields are along the lines of 'col2Name' etc, and I want to just grab the 2 from there, for some reason in my alert i am always getting 0, now when i try to just do:


I get the appropriate response of 12978, why is this not working?

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Always specify the base of the parseInt (the second parameter), as Pointy has done! – Jonathon Faust Feb 10 '10 at 21:41
Yes, another thing I learned the hard and really, really confusing way. :-) – Pointy Feb 10 '10 at 21:54
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The parseInt function always starts from the left side of the string. Try this:

var i = parseInt(yourString.replace(/\D/g, ''), 10);
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beautiful, thanks, you've saved me a huge headache – Jimmy Feb 10 '10 at 21:40

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