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I'm calling an Oracle Stored procedure which takes an array as an input parameter. Owa.vc_arr(varchar2)

I'm making a call in php and getting an error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Code which i'm using is given below.

function findSupplier($ptype) {


//Step 1: Prepare
$query = oci_parse($this->connect(), $proCall);                

// Bind the input P_PRODUCT_TY argument to the $prodType PHP variable
$ptype = oci_new_collection($this->connect(),'vc_arr');    

// Create a new cursor resource
$supplier_res = oci_new_cursor($this->connect());                      

// Bind the cursor resource to the Oracle argument

//Now Execute statement    

// cursor

//Here boy, fetch
while ($items = oci_fetch_assoc($supplier_res)) {
    $results[] = $items;

//returns multidimentional array containing cust_id, company_nm, street1, 
// street2, street 3, p_origin_longitude, p_radius, p_name
return $results;

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Care to share the error? –  Mr-sk Feb 10 '10 at 22:00
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1 Answer

"takes an array as an input parameter"

The question comes to mind, are you trying to pass in a string from PHP ?

If so are you intending that string to be treated as a single entry in the array, or do you need to parse it somehow any turning it into a set of strings to be assigned to the array.

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