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I have an issue involving placing webparts in SharePoint 2010. Somehow a javascript error causes a problem that it is not possible to place new webparts to that zone.

Unable  to get property 'value' of undefined or null reference wpadder.js

If you look at that error it points to:

var k=this._getHiddenField("selZone").value

I have been looking quite a while also on stackoverflow but have not found a solution. Who can help me out? Thanx in advance!

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Do you use IE8 in standard mode ? I had an issue, maybe not the same, with wpadder.js due to IE8 with standard doctype mode. I did that : blog.kodono.info/wordpress/2012/11/08/… Actually it was due to the missing hasOwnProperty check. So maybe you have to go into wpadder.js and search for the wrong code, then do something similar to what I did in the above link to fix the wrong code! –  AymKdn Mar 17 at 8:54

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